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Hope you enjoyed this presentation and that it helped you grasp some of The Fall of the Roman Republic and The Rise of the Roman Empire!

5 Good Emperors of Rome. They started the Period of Peace and Prosperity Called the Pax romana.

Romans copied the Greek Culture.There are is very similar.

These people on the ground were Christians who were being persecuted for following Christ.

Richest Man in Rome. Crassus was apart of the Triumvirate which is a government that is made up of three people. These three Men have equal power.

Dedicated Reformers who fought for the landless Romans. Known as the Gracchus Brothers

"Rome ended things with Carthage once and for all." This was the W-O-R-S-T Punic War.

The Second Punic War, Hannibal started the second Punic war. He brought the war to Rome and over 45,000 army men and about 37 battle elephants to defeat Rome. Sadly after a long fight Hannibal the famous general lost and once again Rome succeeded. And regained the land Hannibal took over.

Romans First Code of Laws. The Twelve Tables were adopted in 499 B.C. They are guidelines to live by, for the Farming Society

"The Romans overthrew the last Estruscan King and Established a Republic." Glencoe World History textbook pg 148

Rome Conquered most of Italy