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Probably the most creepy thing I've ever heard. With "Tick-Tock Goes the Clock" as a close second.

terrifying!!!! i swear this is the creepy thing I see in my nightmares.

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Walked outside and saw this face in my fence! Creepy things eye follows me lol

Creepy things children say

Creepy Kids In Vintage Ads

He didn’t want to grow up. He was a Toys R Us kid…

Ahhh creepy kid in the back

Creepy kid FTW

Creepy kid makes a Misfits reference... Awesome!

Creepy kids

Creepy kid

They should make a Creepypasta about this ._.

creepy things kids say to their parents. some are funny and some are jus down right scary!

Creepy Things Kids Say To Their Parents ~ When my nephew was littler and communicated in single words only, I was reading to him and he kept pointing to nothing in the corner and insisting "Eyes." In a There They Are Again tone of voice. These are even weirder.

Creepy Things Kids Say To Their Parents 7

Creepy Things Kids Say To Their Parents