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ruffle wedding #cake by, Photography: Sylvie Gil Photography - sylviegilphotogra...

Giant water lilies at sunset, Victoria regia, Paraguay River, Pantanal, Brazil

Flowers of Brachychiton tree on rainforest floor, Bunya Mountains, Queensland, Australia

Golden Horse The horses of the Akhal-teke breed are famous for the golden shimmer of their coat. They are thoroughbreds (like English thoroughbreds and Arabians) and originate from Turkmenistan. The breed is thought to be over 2000 years old and is one of the very earliest horse breeds known. (by Dan Shalloe)

The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan, apparently there are only 3,500 left. Known for their speed and natural metallic shimmering coat.

In celebration of the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day, here are 12 stunning photos showcasing the diverse collection of landscapes found across the planet.

Sunset field of sunflower, Buenos Aires, Argentina.