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Jungle party cupcakes.

Faerie Queen cake. I sewed some fake leaves and flowers together to make the bodice, attatched a dollar-store butterfly to the back for wings, and then made fondant petals for the skirt.

Indoor faerie party. I tried to bring the outdoors indoors by cutting tree-trunk silhouettes from brown broadcloth stapled to the ceiling, and then made the tree canopy out of green streamers. I wrapped fake flowers around our lighting fixture to make a flower chandelier, and attatched a couple of dollar-store butterflies onto some Barbies hung from the ceiling with fishing line to make faeries. Voila! An indoor enchanted faerie forest!

a friend of mine made this rainbow cake for her daughter's Dr. Seuss party - cool.

Spiderman cake

paper-mache "dinosaur eggs" for goodie bags

Fossilzed invitation for dinosaur party (kids had to chip it open)

  • Christine

    How cool! How did you do it?

  • Abby Metz

    I laminated a picture of a dinosaur skeleton with all of the party info on the back, then I stuck it in the bottom of a 1L milk carton with the top cut off and filled the carton just past the invitation with a mixture of sand, glue, and water. After it dried (took several days) I removed the milk carton, and then just made the crate part from popsicle sticks and hot-glue!

  • Christine

    You are a genius! That's so awesome! Thank you so much for the reply!

  • Anèl Müller

    Love the idea! very creative