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Selena Gomez in LF xoxo

A board dedicated to Selena Gomez in LF. She is the newbe in the story and is also best friends woth Abby and Emma.


Selena Gomez

Loving the elegant dress on Selena taking style tips from Abby maybe ;)

Selena Gomez - I love her pink dress

Selena Gomez looking gorgeous! I love her hair and make up so much.

Loving this glamorous look for Selena's red carpet appearance. Elegance and class.

Selena Gomez - Loving this gold dress with slit goes well with her cascading waves and subtle makeup.

I love this dress on Selena I think she would probably wear this to the launch party were she meets the LF gang for the first time.

Selena Gomez looking cool and casual! xoxo

Selena Gomez chatshow appearance :)

Selena Gomez attends an event with Taylor Swift (do our ang know about this?) ;)