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12th May 1941: Buildings devastated during air raids near the dome of St Paul's Cathedral in the City. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

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Violet Attlee, wife of the Deputy Prime Minister, prepares to go out in her Y.M.C.A. canteen, in London, on Feb. 9, 1944.

Mobile Canteens Of World War 2 (1939-1945) | Flashbak

World War Two, London, England, September 3rd 1939, People reading newspapers while waiting outside 10 Downing Street to hear the Declaration of War following the German invasion of Poland (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

Bomb damage outside Mansion House, 1941 by London Metropolitan Archives, via Flickr

Sheltering Underground During the Blitz Islington London Photographic Print

Historical Photos: WW2 Blitz London - A view of London's Onslow Square, showing the ablution and mess huts which have been constructed in the road to house the builders of the 'Blitz Repair Squad'. A team of builders who have come to London from various parts of the country to help repair damage caused by V1 flying bombs. The camp was originally intended for use by refugees from Normandy, but is used instead by the building teams, who are billeted in many of the houses around the Square.

Historical Photos: WW2 Blitz London

1941, Westminister, London - mock gas attack. The gas rescue party cover their rubber boots with bleach paste to clean them (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

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Lewisham in 1944. Site of the Marks and Spencer bombing

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Aftermath of the V2 bombing of Woolworth's at New Cross in November 1944

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The Arsenal Stadium at Highbury will not be available for football during the war and has been converted by Islington Borough Council to a physical training centre. Arsenal players and staff will be training ARP workers. Arriving in tin hats for ARP training are, left to right, Cliff Bastin, Arsenal and England manager Tom Whittaker, George Male and goalkeeper George Marks, 13th October 1939. (Photo by Reg Speller/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

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When I found out this was a WWII motto to live by during the bombing of London; I became fascinated! The Brits do have a stiff upper lip!

A Mommy Montage: 27 on 27

Camp: The HAC mobilising in the Artillery Garden in London in September 1914. Two HAC infantry battalions and five batteries fought in the Great War

Mothers and children on a milk demonstration, St Pancras, May 1939

April 16, 1941: Under the instruction of the General Manager, the staff of a main London station of the Southern Railway, work in their gas masks at regular periods.' (Photo by Planet News Archive/SSPL/Getty Images)

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14 November, 1941: War or no war, London stores are determined to have their usual pre-war Christmas season and display.' (Photo by Planet News Archive/SSPL/Getty Images)

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A photograph entitled 'First War Baby gets his Gas Mask', taken in September 1939 by Harold Tomlin for the Daily Herald. Neville Mooney was born on the morning of 3 September 1939, just as Neville Chamberlain was announcing that Britain was at war with Germany.

Women fire guards practising at the Bank of England Head Office, 1942

Women fire guards practising a hose drill on the Bank roof, [1939-45]

Bomb damage outside Head Office, January 1941

London 1943: Three American servicemen stand beside a large poster outside the Royal Albert Hall, London, which advertises a Sunday concert by the National Symphony Orchestra on 3 October at 2:30pm. The soloist is Moura Lympany and the concert will be conducted by Dr Freitas Branco. According to the poster, the concert is to be held "under the auspices of The Orchestral Concerts Society Limited".

To save fuel 150 London buses (such as on the right in shot) were converted to run on producer gas during the war. This was made by injecting water into burning coal in a trailer unit towed behind a bus.

Information resources - London Transport Museum

Men of London Passenger Transport Board (LPTB) help blind schoolchildren evacuees, Sept 1939. As well as children and infants with their mothers, the Government Evacuation Scheme also embraced other groups deemed vulnerable to air attack, e.g. expectant mothers and blind and physically handicapped adults. Hospital patients were also evacuated so that their beds might be ready for the expected thousands of air raid casualties. To help evacuate them, LPTB's Green Line buses were used as ambulances

Second World War: evacuating London - Telegraph

Anti-invasion defences: digging tank traps on a golf course, Britain, 1940.

London, Oxford Street, 1940. Nylon stockings were very rare in the UK during WWII and the shops were running out of silk ones. Utility stockings were soon the only ones available.