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Clinton's Craft Corner...Let's Craft!

Clinton's Craft Corner: Mosaic Plates! #DIY #Craft

Clinton's Craft Corner: Mosaic Plates

Carla's Craft Corner: Spring Flower Bowls! #TheChew #Crafts #DIY

Carla's Craft Corner: Spring Flower Bowls
  • Tracy Gerber

    Get your own ideas and quit stealing all of Clinton's gigs!!

  • Janice B

    These are Carla's NOT Clintons!

  • Tracy Gerber

    It was Clinton's craft corner. Not Carla's

  • Carrie Diewald Sendykar

    So only mario and michael can cook? If clara wants to do crafts let her.

  • Janice B

    Who's Clara???? Read above, it's Carla's Craft Corner now. She can do this gig too! Why not? Clinton drinks too much anyway.

Clinton's Craft Corner: Plaster Tea Light Holder

Clinton's Craft Corner: Ink Dye Coasters and Paint Chip Calendar #TheChew

Clinton's Craft Corner: Ink Dye Coasters and Paint Chip Calendar
  • Beth Van Hook

    I'm sure 1,000's of people are gonna run right out and "steal" paint chips samples. Get a grip and stop over analyzing Clinton's craft.

  • Mary Wigglesworth Walton

    That's what the chips are for..For you to take. Relax & Craft :)

  • Kristina Reppucci

    I agree, they are there for people to to take so they can do whatever they want with them, calm down and stop dogging on Clinton's craft. I think the idea is cute. :)

  • Dixie Hunt

    I loved the coasters and went a step further and did the same technique on Wine Glasses. I give both 4 coasters and 4 wine glasses as a set for gifts. Question: I tell everyone to hand wash. but I do not spray

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Entertaining on a budget: how-to decorate with items that only cost a dollar #thechew

  • Cheryl Tippett

    love the flowers in the water....would make an inexpensice center piece for a tight budgeted wedding reception....

  • Shirley Stewart

    I'm going to do this for the Christmas centerpiece.

Clinton shows you how to get creative with your left over wine corks! #thechew

  • Kathe Hankins

    I'm totally going to do this. Also, I freaking love Clinton. He's my favorite tv personality ever.

See how-to make wooden picture transfers from The Chew

Make this Fun Picture Frames
  • Jill Dawn

    I made these in shades of purple, as part of the table centerpieces, for my sisters vintage country wedding! We filled w/a variety of items, and made several into functional oil lamps. They turned out Fabulous!

  • Verna @SSJC

    Well this private video doesn't help me make these at all lol....