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Summer is almost over elfettes! It makes me sad! So I thought we should get our eyes packed full of sunset colors that remind us of this gorgeous weather and the beautiful sky. E.l.f. Cosmetics has so many sweet shades of eyeshadow and it was so hard to choose! Luckily I found an all-in-one Beauty Book, in "cool," to use for the shadows.

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Simply in Control: Note-Taking Tips and Strategies

Simply in Control: Note-Taking Tips and Strategies

Repin: So a lot of girls ask me if my eyelashes are fake, no they arent. But theres the trick to making them look fake. 1. Apply the first coat of mascara. 2. Get a Q-tip and put some baby power on it. 3. Apply it to your eyelashes (this separates them really well) 4. Apply as many coats of mascara and repeat as much as you want. And get fake looking lashes for the day. ,

Beautifully Disney Eye Brush Set with Case - Pop of Minnie

Really? Cocoa powder? homemade no streak tanning cream lasts for 3 days.. What to do:- 1-Get some cocoa powder 2tbps depending in how tan you want to be. (I used 2) 2-any moisturiser you have 3-a empty bottle 4-cotton buds, or anything that can help you apply the cream 5-mix it all together you should end up with a brown mix. Don't worry, it won't be that dark on your skin.

VINTAGE COTY CONCEALER. I used to own some Coty lipsticks in this same packaging and want to find some for my vintage makeup collection.

How to use a foundation brush to apply foundation