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9/11 We must never forget.

"Hello. I am not sure what's going on here but someone has hijacked the plane. I don't know what will happen next so I just want to let you know I love you. Jesus. I'm so sorry. Please take care of yourself. I love you."

September 11 2001 Memorial | ... The Essex County September 11, 2001 Memorial | Flickr - Photo Sharing

In this May 4 2014 photo released by the National September 11 Memorial Museum, a firetruck damaged in the attacks of September 11 2001, is displayed. Haunting 9/11 museum echoes sights and sounds of tragedy - U.S. - Stripes

Haunting 9/11 museum echoes sights and sounds of tragedy

A search and rescue working dog is transported out of the depris of the World Trade Center in New York City by Beverly & Pack, via Flickr

10:28:24 a.m. on September 11th, 2001 was the precise second that photojournalist Bill Biggart took the final shot of his life. He took his last breath moments later when the North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed upon him. Four days later, searchers found his body, his burnt-edged press cards, his three demolished cameras, six rolls of film, and one small undisturbed compact flash card carrying almost 150 digital images.

The first search and rescue dog on the scene of the World Trade Center disaster on September 11. 2001, was Bear, an 11 year old Golden Retriever. He began recovery efforts immediately, working 18 hour days in the beginning. Rest in Peace, Bear.

Steve Buscemi showed up at his old firehouse (Engine Company No.55) the day after the 9/11/01 on the World Trade Center in New York to volunteer, working twelve-hour shifts for a week after the terrorist act, and digging through rubble with his old comrades looking for missing firefighters. Welcome back, Steve!

This yellow Labrador guide dog, Roselle, was with Michael Hingson, her blind companion, on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center North Tower on September 11, 2001. In the chaos that ensued when American Airlines Flight 11 was flown into the building, Roselle was able to lead Michael down the flights of stairs, as they'd practiced in fire drills. Once on the ground, Roselle was able to lead not only Michael to safety but many of his sighted coworkers who were blinded by the dust cloud creat...