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Cover up dark circles by applying concealer in a triangle shape. | 27 DIY Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know..#beauty

Softer, longer hair? Coconut oil will do wonders. 2 spoonfuls of coconut oil, heat up in a bowl for 30 seconds, massage in to scalp, then apply it into your hair, leave it on for about an hour and a half. Wash your hair by shampooing, then conditioning, then shampooing again. Notice you will have softer, healthier hair. Do this once a week for healthy long hair.

This is the best under eye concealer that I have tried. I have suffered from chronic insomnia for about 10 years; I have the worst under eye circles that look similar to fading bruises. This product makes me look like I've never missed an hour of sleep. I have tried tons of cheaper alternatives, but this is the best. This little pot lasts a long time, too! I use it every single day; I'm pretty sure that I've used 3/4 of the pot in the past year. A little goes a long way!!

Take a Vitamin E capsule and open it on your face so that the oil present in the capsule will fall on your face. Then give your face a light massage and let it soak for 30 minutes. Next, take an egg white and apply it to your face and let it soak for 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water. These two home remedies can help alleviate acne problems and open pores. With regular use your skin will become smooth and radiant.