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Scientific American Blogs: When Does an Exoplanet’s Surface Become Earth-Like? (Keck I and Keck II telescopes. Credit: Rick Peterson/W. M. Keck Observatory)

With Mars Rover’s Newest Panorama, It Feels Like You’re There (NASA via

SDO's Ultra-high Definition View of 2012 Venus Transit - 304 Angstrom by NASA Goddard Photo and Video, via Flickr

Not something you see everyday! Riders onboard a New York Water Taxi get a close-up view of the space shuttle Enterprise as it is towed by barge up the Hudson River as it makes the final leg of its journey to its new Manhattan home on the flight deck of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, Wednesday. Bill Ingalls/NASA/AP |

The Square Kilometre Array will build on existing infrastructure, such as the KAT-7 array in South Africa.

NASA photographer, Lauren Harnett was able to capture this amazing shot of the International Space Station passing the Moon on an ordinary digital camera

The latest solar flares courtesy of NASA. Image take on 01/24/2012 at 16:29:53.120 UT

Latest solar flare activity courtesy of NASA

Latest image of solar flares courtesy of NASA

Latest images of solar flares courtesy of NASA