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amazing faces | philippines | banaue | ifugao woman wearing a traditional headdress | by ania blazejewska

Ancient Wisdom ~~ Photo of an old Samburu woman taken in the outskirts of Maralal in Northern Kenya. Captivated by her gentle smile & the thousand stories told through her face. Asked about her age, all she could tell was, that she was born in the year after the big drought. "But age doesn't matter" . What matters is to have enough children, in order to keep a large herd of cattle. Cause when the next drought comes, you better have enough cattle to survive, says the mother of 14 children....

Hayden Alsahaf "Moroccan mountain woman"

A "Gaduliya lohar" woman : she belongs to an untouchables blacksmiths group / photo by fmetois

"Novels begin, not on the page, but in meditation and day-dreaming - in thinking, not writing."

Mary Tyler Moore (Oh... Monday... : )

Old and happy lady from Sikkim

Mother Thersa

“Lillian La France (1894–1979) was billed as the world’s foremost woman motorcycle stunt rider, one of a handful of female stunt riders in the 1920s and 1930s. La France used a “skull and crossbones” logo”