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Stop Buying Beauty Lies | The Indie Chicks Sweetie you are stunning just the way you are. You don't have to buy into the money making market of beauty and anti-aging to be amazing. Stop listening to what mainstream media is telling you and listen to your heart. You know you're wonderful as is. #theindiechicks #beauty #makeup #cosmetics #hair #weight #bodyimage #selfesteem #media

Stop Buying Beauty Lies | The Indie Chicks

7 Signs He’s Cheating (From a Former Mistress) I spent years of my life as the other woman and I have countless hours of real life experience watching men lie and maneuver themselves around wives and girlfriends. So, who better to let you know the signs your man is cheating than me? A cheating guy sure as hell won’t. #cheating #relationships #theindiechicks #mistress #hescheating

You are too important to ever settle. Read that again…go ahead…I’ll wait. Let it sink in for a minute. You deserve the best in all aspects of your life. This isn’t to say you won’t have to work to get it, but please know that you deserve it. Don’t go getting lazy, it won’t be easy. Things won’t be perfect, nothing ever is, but it can be a whole lot better. The message here is: accept nothing but the best! #settle #best #theindiechicks #life #love #career #badass #strongwomen #beautiful

Accept Nothing but the Best | The Indie Chicks

How to Find New Inspiration | The Indie Chicks So where do you look for the one thing that can recharge your battery and essentially change your future? Lucky for you, it’s everywhere. With the trappings of everyday life, however, we just need a little reminder to turn off our minds and let it in. I’ve chosen some of my favorite places to find inspiration. Take some time to yourself and see if they spark something within you to take over the world. #inspiration #theindiechicks #life #love

How to Find New Inspiration | The Indie Chicks

Embrace Life at Any Age | The Indie Chicks The moral is simple ladies. Don’t spend your twenties worrying about what is on the horizon. Enjoy them. Experience them. Learn and grow during them because when you look back later, you will want to do so with a huge smile, not lingering regret. #age #life #livelife #lovelife #theindiechicks

Embrace Life at Any Age | The Indie Chicks

5 Simple Steps to Stop Being an Askhole | The Indie Chicks Although giving your friends suggestions is great, it is important to realize that their life is just that—theirs. Advice is like a guide that teaches us to avoid mess-ups, but we learn from our mistakes as well. #theindiechicks #askhole #advice #friends #family

5 Simple Steps to Stop Being an Askhole | The Indie Chicks

A great write up about The Indie Chicks by Dawn Miller. I love talking about our business and our growth so there was no way I was turning Dawn down when she asked to showcase us. Find out more about how The Indie Chicks started and all the hats we wear in this great article. #theindiechicks #indiechick #printmagazine #onlinemagazine

Indie Chick Takes its Place on Magazine Stands

How I Woke up a Business Owner. Nobody said that becoming a business owner would be easy, now imagine waking up one day and realizing, “Shit, I’m a business owner!” That’s exactly what happened to me. It wasn’t until our President, Chrystal, (lovingly) yelled at me, “Why do you want to be a business owner?” that I had even heard myself referred to as one. Without thinking I yelled back, “I don't want to be!” #theindiechicks #businessowner #learning #growth

How I Woke up a Business Owner | The Indie Chicks

Emma Stone: Feminist Role Model | The Indie Chicks We need more young role models that are in the public eye, admired by young girls, and in a position to make a lasting impression of feminism and strength. It may have been three words but the lasting impression of Emma’s statement will have a much larger impact than she ever imagined. #theindiechicks #rolemodel #feminism #feminist #women #badass #fearless #emmastone #spiderman

Emma Stone: Feminist Role Model | The Indie Chicks

He Left Because You're Awful | The Indie Chicks Did you think that this website was going to be all hand holding and coddling? Well, you were dead wrong. We would be doing you a disservice if we told you that you’re not doing anything wrong and allowed you to continue making the same mistakes. If you see patterns or behaviors below that are all too familiar, then he probably left because you’re awful. #relationships #theindiechicks #datingtips #dating #advice

He Left Because You're Awful | The Indie Chicks

"Before you judge that other woman, remember you don't know her journey. Have compassion for her like you'd want it for you."

... you've ALWAYS had the power to walk away or walk forward ... don't blame others for YOUR decisions in the past or the future .... accept your part & make your decisions with a pure heart.

#HashtagNation | Indie Chick Lit Hashtags are used for everything these days; hell they’re even used when speaking (#generationalfail). The problem with hashtags is that they are ridiculously and violently overused. It’s become a point of extreme humor but they have a purpose and it’s a fantastic one, too. Find out how to use them correctly! #hashtag #indiechicklit #socialmedia #blogging #tips #advice

#HashtagNation | Indie Chick Lit

Deal Breakers | The Indie Chicks Deal breakers. We all have them. When it comes to discussing relationship deal breakers there are usually two camps of people: those who think you have every right to be selective and those who are adamant you’re limiting yourself and probably missing out on a great guy. I land pretty firmly on the “you have a right to be selective” side of the fence and I’m sticking to my guns—I think you should too. #relationships #dating #theindiechicks

Deal Breakers | The Indie Chicks

#GetYourWriteOn: Chrystal's Prompt | Indie Chick Lit This week’s prompt is inspired by our Current Book Tour, Chrystal Rose’s Unfaithfully Yours: Confessions of a Cheating Bitch. If you haven’t read it, but are dying to, there are only a handful of dates left. Contact Julie for dates and details. #getyourwriteon #write #writing #writingprompt #prompt #indiechicklit

#GetYourWriteOn: Chrystal's Prompt | Indie Chick Lit

I may be easy to love but I’m apparently just as easy to loathe. I realized when talking with a friend the other day just how obnoxious I come off to some people. Don’t believe me? I bet by the end of this article you’ll be feeling differently. I’m that bitch that you just love to hate and I’m okay with that. You know what? You just might be too. #perfect #chocolate #coffee #cravings #theindiechicks #badass

I'm That Bitch | The Indie Chicks

10 Ways to Conquer the Gym | The Indie Chicks“I love feeling like a jackass when I workout out!” says no one ever. Anyone that has ever stepped in the gym for the first time has experienced that moment of insecurity and panic of not knowing what to do and looking dumb doing it. Don’t fret kids; here are 10 ways to conquer the gym. #gym #workout #fitness #health #theindiechicks

10 Ways to Conquer the Gym | The Indie Chicks

15 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem! How can you bolster, strengthen, and bring to the forefront all the awesomeness already inside you and better yet, how do you bring forth parts of yourself you never even knew existed? If you’re still struggling to find that badass within, here are 15 ways to boost that self-esteem and start strutting. #selfesteem #confidence #theindiechicks #badass #boost #tips #howto #feelbetter #fearless

15 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem | The Indie Chicks

The Price of Success | The Indie Chicks The internet and Barnes & Noble book shelves are full of books on success: how to find it, tools for it, tips and tricks, principles, workbooks, and checklists too. There’s a reason…people are hungry for success. Unfortunately a lot of people want it immediately, without any work, and overnight. Honey, keep dreaming. #dedication #hardwork #work #theindiechicks #success #work #determined #badass #growth

The Price of Success | The Indie Chicks

5 Signs You're Not Ready to Date-Now that we have discussed the difference between moving on and letting go you need to figure out if you’ve done either. If you want to avoid a string of awful dating and bed hopping experiences (though if that’s your thing go for it) you have to let go before you can date again. So how can you be sure that you’ve moved on and are ready to hit the dating scene again? #dating #relationships #breakup #love #sex #theindiechicks

5 Signs You're Not Ready to Date | The Indie Chicks

I was drunk. He talked me into it. It just happened. It wasn’t my fault—he’s just so damn charming. My hormones were out of control. Bitch, let’s face it, you wanted to get laid! And that’s okay. We’re all adults here. I don’t understand the need to make excuses for sleeping with somebody. #sex #dating #relationships #single #love #attraction #healthy

Meet Your Inner Badass She is the one who always resurfaces after you’ve hit rock bottom. You just haven’t paid her any mind because she has always done all the work without any regard for reward. What if I told you I could introduce you to her, right this very moment? Well I can. She’s your inner badass and she’s going to save you. #badass #theindiechicks #strong #strongwomen #empowerment #attitude #lovelife #selfesteem #confidence

Readers Help! Am I Being Shallow | The Indie Chicks “Need the Indie Chick’s advice right now. I’m really confused. I met this guy and he’s awesome — we clicked so fast, and we get along so great. He’s attractive and I feel potential chemistry between us. The only issue is that he’s very large. I hate that I’m asking what to do here, but I’m healthy and like to exercise and everything, and he leads quite an unhealthy lifestyle. Should this bother me?" #comment #health #fitness #dating