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Takara Tomy RoboFish Swimming Robot Companion

LaQ Petite Collection Animal Set $7

LaQ Hamacron Racecar $22

Connie the Transistor Circuit Playground Plushie $10

Hans 555 Timer IC Circuit Playground Plushie $10

Billie the Blue LED Circuit Playground Plushie $10

Ruby the Red LED Circuit Playground Plushie $10

Cappy the Capacitor Circuit Playground Plushie $10

Original USB Humping Dog

Sphero Robotic Ball - iOS and Android Controlled Gaming System

bandai shinkai 6500 deep diving submersible 1/48 model kit - awesome model kit for adults!

1/10 iss astronaut model

magnetic wooden blocks made from environment conscious sustainable wood from Honduras

Believe it or not, Japanese loves lama because of its cute face and fluffy body. That's why Segatoys presents a series of toys and accessories with a white lama wearing a blue stripe tie. Featuring the talkative doll version in size small. Built in with a sound sensor so that it reacts to your voice. Covered in soft fur, the Mirabakesso Doll is an adorable toy for kids. With those round and innocent eyes, no wonder they are so popular in Japan.