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The lights the floor the dress the flower crown

if you love a soul more than fame and gold…

I love this color suit!!! Does the groom get to pick out his own tux or can I do it for him??? I think Ill do it for him. lol

Cute table number ideas. For each table number, list a milestone or interesting fact about your relationship. For example, for Table 1 you could write, “1: The number of years we were together before getting engaged.” Other examples include, “7: The number of Pittsburgh Penguin games we’ve seen,” or “4: The number of dates we went on before becoming exclusive.” This is a great way for guests to learn more about your relationship and it adds a romantic touch to your wedding day.

I like this idea. Give your bridesmaids planner with all of the important wedding dates in them: when to order their dress, bridal shower, rehearsal, etc.

Ask the bartender to save all the wine corks from the wedding. Glue then together to make a monogram for the mantle.

Ecc. 4:12 states "a cord of 3 strands is not quickly broken" LOVE LOVE LOVE!