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Indie Dubstep I Enjoy

Dubstep songs and artists I find on youtube and soundcloud that are not mainstream.

Gecko Grind On The Roof - Dubstep/Dancestep

Acidhedz Remix Contest Entry - Scratch N Groove - Killa Kandi Inc mix by Killa Kandi Inc by Killa Kandi Inc, via SoundCloud

If That's What You Call Love - Acidhedz - Dubstep/Punk/Rap/Metal by Acidhedz, via SoundCloud.

Help Mommie - Acidhedz - Dubstep Halloween by Acidhedz, via SoundCloud.

Doppleganger - Acidhedz - from My Dub Go Wub Wub by Acidhedz, via SoundCloud.

Acidix 'I'm Coming'

Another of my new Dubstep songs. This one is called, 'Stubbed My Toe and Dropped the Bass'.

A new Song called Dubstep in My Pants

Ape Man Skank Dubstep

A chillstep track called slow build to anger. It has the deep bass, and half step beat common to dubstep, but is also ambient in many ways.

Has Jupiter my 27 - Good Indie Dubstep