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Things That Come in Halves and Quarters: The Real World Connection (Blog Post) Fractions are REALLY important concepts that must be connected to student’s lives.

The Paper Maid: Touch Math Review

The Paper Maid: Touch Math Review

SCOOT! Games for Earth Day - 3 Games - 24 cards each game, includes recording sheets - Fractions and Coins $

A great visual for Probability…not on the blog…just this picture

Building Block Fun - This FREE activity can be used in so many ways! See what your students can come up with!

Here's an activity where students use real dominoes to figure out which numbers are missing from two-digit addition and subtraction problems (no regrouping).

This video demonstrates adding two digit numbers with regrouping, showing the addition with longs and cubes (base 10 blocks). Comments welcome, and if you have any suggestions on how to further clarify the process of regrouping, I would greatly appreciate them.

The truck's side with the most regrouping wins! Great way to hook your boys, and the girls love it too! Monster Truck double digit addition!

Break Those Numbers Apart! (Blog Post) Why I traded in place value blocks for unifix cubes. Help students understand that tens (or hundreds) can break apart and be regrouped to subtract.

"Addition Machine" made out of a drain. Super FUN! Differentiation Station Creations: I Love The Hardware Store!

48 Free True or False Equation Cards ~ Addition within 10. Includes everything you need for 2 different Scoot games, partner work and/or sorting activities. Designed to help kids become fluent with math facts while also developing problem solving skills. (Also includes a link to an iPad app my son just created based on this activity.)

Place value die... a cube for tens and ones. Can easily be extended for larger numbers... hundreds, one thousands, ten thousands etc

Pretzel sticks for tens and marshmallows for ones. Cute edible activity to teach place value.

Zipping Down the Freebie Trail! :) One Extra Degree (Math Formative Flaps)

way to teach double digit borrowing from your neighbor a whole new meaning. We try to consistently use the word regroup instead of borrow - but some students need that "something extra" to solidify understanding. This visual might help!

Addition and subtraction anchor charts to help the kids remember which way to go on the number line. Smart!