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word work... It's a file folder laptop! The kids write the words then practice "typing" them on their own laptop!

Great way to track reading flow in your classroom and set a goal.

Anchor Chart for Close Reading in 2nd Grade as outlined by Tim Shanahan's PowerPoint...

Guided Reading-Transitional Readers Cheat Sheet!I am honored to join in the Summer book study on The Next Step in Guided Reading by Jan Richardson.I am hosting chapter 5 Transitional Guided Reading.  As a first grade teacher I love this chapter because it takes us into the nitty gritty of teaching reading past the beginning stages!

Stamina Strips to motivate students during silent reading- For each 15-20 minutes of successful silent reading (or whatever limit you determine), students earn a link on the chain. You can do this for the week, month, or however long you choose. (Photo only)

Word Chants with a twist….or an Aaarrrgh! Each card gives a unique way in which the chant should be done. Such as… Sing each word like an opera singer. Read each word like a robot with a computerized voice. Read each word as you pose like a statue.

prefixes and suffixes - what a cute way to display examples of prefixes and suffixes!

Love this writing chart....This colorful chart explains how to write wonderful sentences.

The Oreo cookie turns 100 Tuesday, March 6. This is a "how to eat an Oreo cookie" book. It's made of two black circles of construction paper and four circles of white, copy paper. On each page of the "filling," the kids write a step of how they eat an Oreo.

Great explanation of how to do daily 5 rotations in 2nd grade classroom

FREE Daily 5 Poster: "Books are like shoes: they need to be a good fit for YOU!"

Great visuals about how to set up Daily 5 and examples of Word work.