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The world's most awesome igloo.

Essie Under the Twilight Comparison Swatch

See how you can use helper shelves in your closets, cabinets and armoires.

Nordmende Spectra Futura designed by Raymond Loewy in 1968

Need to recover a wingback chair? Here's a chair upholstery guide to help you with how much fabric you need. --- with a solid color. for patterns, you will need to add on pattern repeats for matching.

Pillow tutorial that gives cut sizes for various size pillows. It makes it easy to fit any pillow form. --- actually, if you cut the same size as the form and use 1/2" seams, you'll get a puffier, comfier pillow. honestly.

fabric on walls using starch and an iron. --- huh.

  • ActivityGrrrl

    I've done this! Back in the '90s. I'm surprised we don't see it on current home/decor shows. Super easy. You don't even *really* need the iron. You can hang it wet, and squeegee the crap out of it until it's stuck good without wrinkles. Her method is less messy, of course.

  • ActivityGrrrl

    BTW, it wasn't a headboard or anything so creative. We did it on one whole wall and several walls below the chair rail. It's a great alternative to paint or wallpaper (especially in a rental space). When you're tired of it, it just peels off and leaves nothing behind (or so little starch you can just wet-sponge it off).

  • yoboseiyo

    i'm totally wanting to do it, now.

  • ActivityGrrrl

    Easy-peasy. :) (Now I'm looking around for a way to use it here.)

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