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The Art of Chinese Medicine

Original Chinese calligraphy, brush paintings, and photos - All Things Chinese Medicine

Sharpies®, White-Out®, and Sumatra:

Swallow/ Willow Ink & Color on Single Xuan 18" x 20"/ raw, unmounted/ 2008

17 year brood now popping Ink & Color on Single Xuan

福: "Fu" - Blessings, Luck, Fortune, Happiness

Pure Stillness sets everything Right.

道得經 道可道非常道。

Chinetskyu - a type of Japanese specialized moxibustion

妙蘭 ("Miao Lan") - Magic Orchid Ink & Color on Silk

龍 ("Long") - DRAGON Ink on Dragon

蘭 ("Lan") - ORCHID Ink & Color on Xuan

蓮 ("Lian") - LOTUS Ink & Color on Silk

蘭 ("Lan") - ORCHID Ink & Color on Double Xuan

雨 ("Yu") - RAIN Ink on Paper

Jaeki Paintin' Fingerpaint on Glossy

Why It's Wisteria Ink & Color on Pale Green Xuan

Stainless Steel Still Life Needles in Skin

龍("Long"): DRAGON Ink on Paper

Low Frequency Chuck Needles & Juice in Skin