This is how to look badass without forfeiting all your femininity. Plus, that shield and hairdo are killer.


Lady Knight

Lady of the Knight by NathanParkArt on deviantART

Pirate Goth that looks a little fairy like with blade.

Female Warriors by Viktor Fetsch

Female Warriors Picture by Viktor Fetsch

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“The wildlings seemed to think Ygritte a great beauty because of her hair; red hair was rare among the free folk, and those who had it were said to be kissed by fire, which was supposed to be lucky." Ygritte (Rose Leslie)

"Las Amazonas de España es un POTPURRÍ mitológico y legendario que sitúa a estas mujeres guerreras de la Antigüedad Clásica, relacionadas con Hércules y Teseo, con Atenas y Éfeso en las tierras entre la Galia e Hispania".......

[Las amazonas de España] "...en el TEMPLO DE MARTE, la guerra se transforma en amor y se forman las parejas más convenientes: Mentor y Clorilene y Marfilia y Celauno...".....

Debbie photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, February 2014

Fódla (pronounced FO-la) is the Celtic Goddess of the power of Ireland. She is one of the Tuatha de Danaan, the people of the Goddess Danu. When the Milesians arrived in Ireland and conquered them, Fódla and her two sisters, Ériu and Banba, all asked that the island be named for them. Ériu won the request, but Fódla’s name continued to be used on occasion. Fódla’s husband MacCecht was one of the last kings of the Tuatha de Danaan. Fódla’s name, which means “a sod of earth,”

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