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large scale antique dollhouse

This 18th-century violin makers shop by W. Foster Tracy, 1979, is a miniature built inside a full-size violin. It was on display at the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, Tucson, Arizona. All completed instruments and tools are fully functional in this model.

A Mini Time Machine Museum Showcases Tiny Violins. Really

A 17th century Dutch dollhouse in a tortoiseshell cabinet. This was not for children to play with , but a very expensive hobby of Petronella Oortman. She had everythnig in it custom made by craftsmen and artists , real paintings, real china , it cost her a fortune 20.000-30.000 Guilders wich was as much as a real Amsterdam canalhouse at the time. AMAZING if you take a look at all the little treasures in it.

One of a kind custom doll house by artist Richard Dunbrack of the Thieving Magpie.

Corey Moortgat - Collage Artist: More Dollhouse Stories Check out her website

Corey Moortgat- Collage Artist: More Dollhouse Stories

Corey Moortgat- Collage Artist

Corey Moortgat- Collage Artist

The Dollhouse Book / Rock & Pebble

The Dollhouse Book

The Clutter: Dollhouses

The Clutter: Dollhouses

One of the oldest dollhouses currently intact (1693)