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What the fuck am i looking at?

Hey Government, here's a novel idea, USE THE CONSTITUTION.

That's awsome, now go tell someone who cares.

I could cut my head off and still have more brains than you.

You know why i like this type of music? because,FUCK YOU.

Oh look, the bus is going to hit us. now we don't have to visit your mother.

Don't worry i wont hit your face, not like it would hurt anything.

Wow i can't wait to work on saturday said no one ever.

What was the name of foundation you wear again? Nutella?..

My list of why i give a fuck.

Im sorry, if i had valued your opinion i would have asked for it years ago.

Lets see what type of snappy eCard i can come up with today.

i will eventually quit being such a mean and nasty person. When i die.

You better put your bitch wings away before i cut them off.

I've seen you before, i know i have. i never forget a face, but in your case i will make an exception.

And this is where you go missing forever.

I would volunteer to help but i dont like you enough.

If your thinking of a stupid question, leave now.

Its ok, i can afford the time away from my government job.

Its not that i dont trust you, i just want to get tested in case you gifted me a life threatening disesase, like pregnancy.

And this is how productive your life is.

your my best friend, but i will cut you if you mess with my man again..

You and this bear a striking resemblance in shape.

Answer the question wrong and i'll break the other arm.