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It's a ROCK! Great idea for bookend, door stop, paper weight, or as a garden decoration ~ This would make a great gift (personalize the books to their favorite books)

DIY bee sting remedy, but not how you'd expect. Lemon balm is easy to grow and treats bites, stings, and more.

Witch Spell Book And Crystal Ball Halloween Prop/Decor

turn any acrylic paint into spray paint - martha stewart

A Ward of Protection This is a really simple protection spell to defend a room or a space against bad energy! All you need are some pennies, a bowl of water, salt, a feather or some incense, and a candle to represent fire. Using all the representations of the elements, bless and purify each of the pennies, visualizing an unbreakable barrier of good luck and protection. When you’re finished, place a penny, heads-up, in each of the corners of the room or at the barriers of the space y

Manifesting with the New Moon The new moon is the perfect time for manifesting what you wish to have in your life, whether it be material objects or qualities / situations such as love, compassion, peace and freedom. It is also a ripe time to introduce new beginnings and projects, basically any desires you wish to come into fruition. You can meditate on your desires, write down a list of positive affirmations, or speak to the moon directly.