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Once a Titan, Always a Titan- Redone by callousvixen on deviantART

Captain America - Chris Stevens

Batman by williebaronet

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Felipe Smith

From Walking to Running in 30 Days

Ironman Superhero High Burn Core Strength Workout

Aquaman Workout / works: quads, triceps, chest, lower back, core, lateral abs, lower abs, shoulders, biceps, glutes #fitness #workout #exercise

The Wonder Woman Workout / Works: glutes, quads, shoulders, chest, lower hip flexors, lateral abs, lower back, core, triceps #fitness #workout #exercise #wonderwoman #superhero

The Arrow Workout / works: quads, calves, abs, shoulders, triceps, biceps, pecs, deltoids, lats #fitness #workout

Silver Surfer Workout / works: Quads, glutes, calves, front hip flexors, adductors, shoulders, lower back, core and abs.

Captain America Workout

Superman Workout / works: quads, calves, aerobic capacity, cardiovascular system, front hip flexors, triceps, core, lateral abdominals, glutes, lower back #fitness #workout #superman

Deadpool Superhero Workout

Link ( Zelda ) Workout / Works: quads, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, abs and core.

Amazing Spider-Man Workout

Batman [Bane Edition] Workout

Wolverine Workout

Avenger Workout / works: Quads, frontal hip flexors, glutes, shoulders, triceps, core, lateral abs, lower abs.

The Hulk Strength Workout / works: quads, calves, ankles, chest, shoulders, lower back, triceps, abs, biceps, front hip flexors.