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Peg Grodnertal Wooden Doll

Wooden Dolls

Peg wooden doll, woman, peach costume and bonnet, 1885-1910

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Male doll, ca. 1810. The Strong museum collection.

Douglasville PA Merritts Museum Wooden Doll Postcard | eBay

Antique Late 19th Century Wooden Grodnertal Peg Doll Kathleen Ainslie Book | eBay

Doll, ca 1800wearing early silk dress with crewel embroidery detail,and owning an additional green silk coat with matching bonnet designed to accommodate the voluptuous coiffure.

Doll, ca 1830, wearing early costume comprising tulle gown with ruffled yoke,undergarments,and padded green silk day dress with pleated ruffles.

dolls, Austria, Early wood Lady doll, Grodner Tal, Austria, circa 1820, gessoed and painted shoulder head, black painted hair with tendrils around face, peg-jointed body and limbs, painted lower arms and legs, red shoes, wearing a patterned gauze dress with lace trim and amber-colored beaded necklace, holding a satin satchel.