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Duh! Why didn't I think of this?! Medicine organization. i love this idea, you could store it away and still be able to find exactly what you need!


bra, panties, bathing suit drawer DIY...I need to do this!

IHeart Organizing: Kitchen Pantry Update: Part 3 {Reveal!}

Lots of Cleaning Secrets- this is probably the most useful list of cleaning tricks

Jewelry cleaner - tried it today and my engagement ring is almost blinding, it's sparking so much :)

Lego mat - cinches up to a bag. stepping on leftover legos, right?

goodbye burnt toast. clear toaster allows you to see it's doneness... best.invention.ever

Aluminum foil covers the paint pan..toss after painting...

Aluminum foil as fixture protector - the foil molds to the shape of whatever it's covering and stays firmly in place until the job is complete. > this is a great tip!

How to hang up a gallery photo arrangement: Lay out your arrangement. Flip frames over. Mark hanger/nail spot on several pieces of wax paper taped together. Flip waxed paper over, tape to wall, nail into wall where indicated. Remove waxed paper. Hang photos.