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Nydias Miami Kitchen

About NydiasMiamiKitchen's Latin-Cuban-Puertorican Cooking. Nydia Pichardo since early age expressed passion for the culinary. As a child her grandmother professor Blanca Ofelia amongst University of Puerto Rico first female graduates, took notice & trained Nydia in traditional Puerto Rican cuisine & bakery. In her teen years she learned Cuban cuisine, etiquette & general cuisine through formal schools. For more delicious recipes subscribe to Nydias Miami Kitchen on Youtube. Buen Provecho!

Frituras de Calabaza- Calabaza Squash Fritters [bilingual video]

Arroz Mamposteao - Puerto Rican Fried Rice Style

Ensalada de Coditos- Macaroni Salad [bilingual recipe]

Ensalada de Coditos- Macaroni Salad [bilingual recipe]