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Sayings I adore.

our first kiss went a little like this ;)

Things worth living for❤️

I love this. I work hard to not focus on material things, and try to lead Raegan in that direction. My house may not be decorated, my car may not be fancy or new, and my daughter doesn't know the joys of cable-- but our life is simple and we are happy for it.

Don't be ashamed of shedding tears, there's no shame in admitting one needs help and support. #support #quote #life

Why did I laugh so hard?

Haha I've heard my clients say this

Best friends, Hahahaha!!!!!

If you mess with the big sister, then there is always a younger crazier sister behind her that you dont wanna mess with!

This warranted a laugh out loud! Men who don't know foreplay just suck and then they don't even do that right. LOL

Hence why change is usually so hard for all us, especially in relationships. We remember the beginnning, the good times, the great times and that's what we fear we'll never happen again. It's why people sadly stay so long in bad relationships. So in 2013 just let go, don't be afraid, take risks and you'll be amazed what happens in your life. :D

So amazing. Great nursery quote, book quote, any day quote. Love love love!!!!!!