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beginning of school year

This post is PACKED with CVC activities and interventions! Love it!

I have hit the motherload with this site! Seeing other great teachers and teaching ideas in action is awesome!

hmmmm . . . i need to re-work this into my reading homework next year. It would make reading at home more exciting

This is your typical alphabet sound chart, but the pictures are brand logos that are more recognizable by kids (i.e., m-McDonalds, d-Disney, etc.).... genius

Thank you to 5th Grade teacher, Mrs. Ganong, who has shared this site where students can take an image and combine it with written information to create a unique presentation.

Calming Sensory Bottles-Fill bottle one-fourth to one-third full with light corn syrup-Add mylar (shiny) confetti in the shape or shapes of your choice-Seal tightly using hot glue if available. Why It Is Calming-Try it and you'll see! The syrup glides down the sides of the bottle very slowly; bringing the confetti right along. No wonder this one is sometimes called a Stress Bottle-This is one of the kids crafts that is great for a child with ADHD. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

How adorable. Instead of stickers (which usually just fall off and stick to my floor) put a "smelly" on the back of kids hands. A dot of fun chapstick, as a reward for good choices.