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Arthur D.

Arthur D.

Scientist, science fiction writer

geophysical porn - Breathtaking Photos of Four Volcanoes Erupting Simultaneously in Russia

Writers on vacation cartoon.

There are 3 unique things about Phil Koch images: 1) every image is photographed in Wisconsin, 2) every image is a vertical, and 3) every image has the horizon line almost dead center -- breaking a major rule of composition (but it works great)

Sunset over the Baltic Sea, Estonia by Eero Siimson.

I remember fondly when as a little one, I innocently tried to imitate dance movements in front of pictures or mirrors.

This 1.1-kilogram chunk of the Tissint Martian meteorite (fell in the Moroccan desert on 2011) shows distinct charring from Earth’s atmosphere and pockets of black glass that contain trapped gas from Mars. Credit: Natural History Museum, London.

Chinese Peacock butterfly

This remarkable prosthetic hand was made for a 16th-century knight Berlichingen who lost his right hand during the siege of the city of Landshut in 1504. A canon ball forced his sword against him ruining his arm. He was able to continue his military career.

Earth and space: Winner of the Royal Observatory’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest 2012. Taken in Nagano, Japan, this image shows Orion, Taurus and the Pleiades as the backdrop to an eerie frozen landscape. Although the stars appear to gleam with a cold, frosty light, bright blue stars such as the Pleiades can be as hot as 30,000 degrees Celsius. Photographer: Masahiro Miyasaka (Japan) / The Royal Museums Greenwich.

My fishing instructor and friend during squid

This is a 100-foot tall fire Devil or fire whirl or fire tornado in the Australian outback. A Fire can under certain conditions (depending on air temperature and currents), acquire a vertical vorticity and can form a whirl, or a tornado-like vertically oriented rotating column of air. Fire whirls may be whirlwinds separated from the flames, either within the burn area or outside it, or a vortex of flame, itself.