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Jim Gaffigan | Dad Is Fat Truth...I actually chose to listen to the unabridged audiobook rather than read the book. It was awesome. I recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor and a healthy ability to laugh at ones self while learning the lessons of life. Jim's view on family life is simply hilarious and at appropriately discomforting. Enjoy!

Jim Gaffigan | Obsessed

Simple teachings from one my all time favorite men among men. By their fruit you will know them? This guy produced bushels of the good stuff!

If you aren't teaching them, someone else is...and probably wrongly. Terrific book for helping you get past your own discomforts with "the talk" and take advantage of great natural conversations to have meaningful, honest, healthy conversations on the subject. Make "the talk" a habit, not an event.

This is the no-duh-but-why-do-people-not-get-this book of how to genuinely take care of your friends who happen to also be customers. Trust me, trust it.

Should be a must read for anyone interested in learning how to understand and interact with others through respect, consideration, and honesty. This is not simply a manners book, but a great life reference.

Classic approach to organizing with the goal of clearing the mind for focused work. FOund it very helpful.

I'm not naturally a Covey honk but this one is huge. Not just a business book, but a life book.

Great logical information, preparation, persuasive arguments and good fun for Dads of daughters.

Absolute must read for Dads and any man who wants to be a better one.