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Modern stair renovation of an Italian Villa | Afflante. Great contrast to the rustic walls.

I juuust LOVE how Sassy meets Classy I've BECOME! ;)

This connection based on a very clever and tiny adjustment. Ho wis it easy to move the two (O)s a bit down??!!! but you have to be think a bit further to get that clever connection. The link is between the red bus and the LONDON word. We also can notice that the designer duplicated the word LONDON to get that feeling about the double decker bus.

Blanka || Supersize


Hot pink Malibu Barbie mansion.

The Palms Las Vagas- Barbie Suite by Jonathan Adler. Also check out the Barbie Dream House in Malibu. Barbie is the luckiest girl I know!

Chrysler Building, Manhattan, New York City

Guys in sweaters: yes please! A cutie to snuggle with on the NEW Atlanta Farris-wheel's on muh list for Fall Winter! MUAAAHAAAHAA! I'm soooo BOY CrAzy! It makes me HAPPY tho! /:)))

mountain kilt, fishermans sweater, and hot guy ...check! SWooooN to some CULTURE! ♥

Versace Pool:: I read that the Tiles were imported from Italy & that they where MORE expensive to ship in total than the actual instillation! Talk about EXPENSIVE visions REALIZED! LOVE Gianni for his VISIONS & LOVE & for him bein HIMSELF.....Sad how he passed, but I'm HAPPY that the VERSACE house is ALIVE & WELL! Miami was a spot he chose to invest in & I look forward to the day when I'm able to go myself & glimpse his BELOVED space....♥

Gotta Go to ITALY one DAY! Rome, VENICE, MILAN?! WHERE to START....Fashion side of me says MILAN, BUT MY HEART say ROME?! AHHH! CLEARLY this Country is a Spot for ME! HAAHAA! ♥

The Bean in Chicago! I saw this on LOL with my Gurl Miley Cyrus & Demi MOORE & was reminded of it yesterday when I was stylin my Client, Savy, at BCBG yesterday because she's OFF to Chicago for the Holidays! I asked her about the "Shiny BLOB" & She LAUGHED & said, "The BEAN"?! HAAHAA! LOVE how I am! ♥ /;)))

Graceland: I've watched a Tour one Christmas on T.V. at my Grandparents lake house as a Kid & have Since DREAMED of going to see Graceland firsthand....ESPECIALLY since Mrs. Priscilla Presley gave such an AWESOME & WELCOMING Tour! I REALLY felt like I was INVITED....I'm sooo LAME! But I liiike that about me bc it makes the world have a kinda Magic to ME! :))) Vamos a MEMPHIS! YES, Sir-E! /B)

RAINY Seattle, Washington! XD

Central Park: I WANNA RUUUN through CENTRAL PARK one Day! I also wanna RUN the N.Y.C Marathon & have a MEDAL & Bundle up with the COOL SILVER Body WARMERS that make everyone look like ZIGGY STARDUST from OUTTER SPACE or something! :D