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Cheers to this hospital for being humane and kind. Doing the rounds on French Facebook: a hospital that allowed a woman's beloved pet accompany her for the last few days and hours of her life. Awe

How climbing your family tree can help you prevent breast cancer. #ZENMED #skincare #blog

"Yes, I had this! you'd pour the coffee pot & the coffee liquid would swish around"

This is a remarkable true story about Anita Moorjani having the option to live or die from her cancer. Her body chooses dying but her soul discovers the power to heal herself . . . there are miracles in the Universe that she has never even imagined!

Do you wear scarves? Click here for 21 ideas on how to style them!

This website is almost too good to be true. Jewelry no more than $2? Clothes from like $6-20?

website with cheap name brand stuff. toms for $17