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Pull Up A Chair

72 Pins

The Largest Land, Sea and Air Vehicles in the World

The World's Biggest Land, Sea And Air Vehicles

Yoga Journal - Journey Through the Chakras Infographic

The Nearest Stars to Earth

The Nearest Stars to Earth |

Is your Deodorant toxic? #health

How Safe Is Your Deodorant?


Composition: Rule of Thirds, think about it when cropping too | Boost Your Photography

Composition: Rule of Thirds | Boost Your Photography

20 Practical Uses for Coca Cola – Proof That Coke Does Not Belong In The Human Body

One of 70: a 2,000-year old "spiral-bound" book found in Jordan.

How to Make an Awesome Igloo!

NASA | SDO: Three Years of Sun in Three Minutes / via Michael Chang

Mystery of Prince Ruperts Drop at 130,000 fps (totally worth the watch!)

✯ Ancient Runes, Norway 15th C ✯

The Real Deal: How the Mayan Calendar Works | Mayan Apocalypse | Dec. 21, 2012 | LiveScience

Experts working on proto-Elamite hope they are on the point of a breakthrough The world's oldest undeciphered writing system, which has so far defied attempts to uncover its 5,000-year-old secrets, could be about to be decoded by Oxford University academics. This international research project is already casting light on a lost bronze age middle eastern society where enslaved workers lived on rations close to the starvation level

In a series of caves near Tibet there lies some strange and mysterious artifacts among the graves of creatures belonging to the humanoid race, the Dropa. Many feel these artifacts tell a tale of aliens crashing in the Himalayas and then dying.

The Nazca Lines - etched into a high plateau in Peru’s Nazca Desert, a series of ancient designs stretching more than 50 miles has baffled archaeologists for decades.

40 secret iPhone features and shortcuts. I've only read through half and I already feel like I have a new phone!

Quasicrystals as sums of waves in the plane - click through to see it animated.

The Baobab Tree can store up to 32,000 gallons of water in its trunk. #Baobab_Tree