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Timo Descamps (born 27 May 1986) is a Belgian actor, voice actor and singer - Romance: Danny de Jong - Read more:

Rory James O'Malley (born December 23, 1980) is an Irish-American film, television, and musical theater actor. Partner(s) Gerold Schroeder (2008–present) - Read more:

Thomas Loren "Tom" Lenk (born June 16, 1976) is an American stage and television actor best known for starring as Andrew Wells in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel. - Read more:

Andrew Scott Rannells (born August 23, 1978) is an American actor and singer. - Read more:

Antony Cotton (born Antony Dunn; 5 August 1975) is an English actor, best known for his roles in Coronation Street and the original UK version of Queer as Folk. Domestic partner(s): Peter Eccleston - Read more:

Julian Peter McDonald Clary (born 25 May 1959) is an English comedian and novelist. Openly gay, Clary began appearing on television in the mid 1980s and became known for his deliberately stereotypical camp style. - Read more:

Brian Patrick Robert Dowling (born 13 June 1978) is an Irish television presenter who rose to fame after being crowned the winner of the second series of UK reality television show Big Brother in 2001. - Read more:

Anthony Crank is a British television presenter, journalist and actor, probably best known for his work on Channel 4's T4, MTV and Bingo Night Live on ITV1. - Read more:

Alistair Appleton (born 12th February 1970 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK) is a British television presenter. - Read more:

Kristian Digby (/ˈkrɪstjən ˈdɪɡbi/; 24 June 1977 – 1 March 2010) was an English television presenter and director best known for presenting To Buy or Not to Buy on BBC One. - Read more:

Andrew Hayden-Smith (born Andrew John Smith, 5 November 1983 in Gateshead, England) is a British actor and television presenter best known for his work with CBBC. - Read more:

Daniel John "Danny" Pintauro (born January 6, 1976) is an American actor best known for his role on the popular American sitcom Who's the Boss? and his role in the 1983 film Cujo. As of 2013, he was managing a restaurant in Las Vegas. Partner(s): Wil Tabares - Read more:

Sebastián Ligarde (Spanish pronunciation: [seβasˈtjan liɣarðe]; born January 26, 1954) is an award-winning Mexican-American actor best known for his work in telenovelas and the big screen. In his close to four decade career he has appeared in more than 25 telenovelas and series and over 90 films - most of them in first billing. - Read more: