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Milk Carton Crafts: GREAT use of the milk carton shape and "waterproofness".

This is great! A list of fantastic fun activities your 3-5 year old will love!

Easy and beautiful tissue paper stained glass craft for kids -- on wax paper.

LOVE IT! Let's them know what has to be done and what you need help with. Great way to show community service begins in the home. Put an allowance "value" on the back like good for 1 sleepover, 1 movie ticket, or 1 lipgloss. Know their currency : )

Growing A Jeweled Rose: Tin Can Backyard Band

allowance/chores/accountability system. Today was Day One and it was adorable to see the girls walking around marking off their clipboards. Once their clipboard is all checked off – they get $ 1. cute dots to color in as check marks

Kid Cleaning Kit--store each kid's supplies in their own bucket with a list

Chore Dice! OK so maybe not so "FUN for kids", but at least it's a change in the way of doing chores! :)

Responsibility Chart dry erase chore chart personalized

DIY Chore Chart -- Like that there's a place where ALL the chores go, so everyone can see what it takes to keep the household going.

a chore chart with a punch card chore idea - AWESOME! I have a couple of years before the boys are old enough to READ these but I love this idea and will certainly put it to use when they are old enough (to mow, take out the trash, clean the windows, etc). I might try to come up with some ideas of easy 'chores' to get them used to this though.

Possibility for chore chart. Like the clips and jars. Kids get a pebble when they complete their daily chores. When the have so many they get to pick a fun activity. Could also put money in the jars, if they do extra chores.

LOVE, love, love this summer schedule for kids! Such a great idea to keep moms sane during the summer!

101 Almost Free Things to Do With Kids This Summer...Before he gets to old to enjoy this stuff with us...

Use this simple and classic fine motor activity to encourage fine motor development, hand eye co-ordination as well as threading and pincer skills.

Kids no longer taking naps?? 10 Sanity Saving Activities for Quiet Time.

how to make tissue paper flowers - perfect for spring