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Ripple Patterns

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Zig Zag Ripple Afghan - free printable crochet pattern

The Lemon Lime Peek-A-Boo Ripple is a simple crochet pattern that is perfect for those looking to try something new!

The Watermelon Mojito Ripple Throw is a fun, super easy ripple crochet pattern with a little twist.

'Round The Clock: 12 Round Ripple Afghans | Free Crochet Afghan Patterns

The Crocheted Zig Zag Afghan is a classic crochet ripple pattern done in natural reds, greens, and browns.

  • Joy Bell

    I have made a few of these in my days. They have been around for a long time. If the deal on the house doesn't pan out I will consider it. Depends ! ! ! ! !\

This unique crochet afghan is 66 inches in diameter from point to point. The Mosaic Afghan looks like pretty glass and this effect is achiev...

Looking for a fun variation on the basic ripple crochet afghan? The Malibu Ripple Afghan is the perfect ripple pattern to try. Complete with a graphic chart and a few photos to help you along, you'll love the way this ripple afghan turns out. Great for fun and colorful summer days, this ripple afghan is as beachy as can be.

Don't miss these free #crochet patterns for kids and teenagers! Crochet patterns for kids and teens are unlike any other kind of free crochet pattern.

Looking for fun free ripple afghan patterns? Check out these cool projects! Each of these 21 free crochet ripple afghan patterns is unique and fun to make.

If you're looking for a simple filet crochet pattern, the Filet Blocks Ripple Blanket is a definite must-try. Filet crochet patterns can seem daunting at first, but this pattern eases you into filet crochet by using a familiar ripple crochet pattern.

You've never seen a ripple crochet afghan like this before! The Crazy Ripple Blanket is an easy spin on the typical ripple pattern. By crocheting diamond inserts, the crochet ripple changes size and shape as you go along.

Behold, The Crooked Ripple afghan is a new and very exciting take on the ripple pattern. Spice up your traditional ripple crochet afghan by following this pattern. Watch as your ripples have a "hiccup" and create a sort of heartbeat type ripple. This pattern is definitely a must-try for those looking for a pattern that's a little out of the ordinary.

23 Free #Crochet Ripple Afghan Patterns

  • Christine Kennedy

    I am making this pattern in different colours of course for one of my grandsons. It is beautiful Hope to finish it before winter.

The Bold and Beautiful Ripple pattern is just like it sounds: bright, fun, and full of color! Using a unique combination of colored yarn, you can achieve this modern ripple crochet afghan. Neon colors are also in style and the best part about this crochet ripple is that it's versatile.

The Granny Ripple Afghan looks like a typical ripple afghan at a first glance. But in reality, this crochet afghan is made much like a granny square. By skipping chains and making clusters, you will achieve this ripple effect.

a different take on the granny's ripple

If you're just learning to crochet, you've got to try this pattern. The Beginner's Round Ripple is easy enough for beginners but still looks impressive.

The Double V-Stitch Ripple Blanket looks like it has arrows throughout the pattern. It's lightweight and can be made in a solid color or in multiple colors as shown.

Made with homespun or boucle style yarns, this pattern can be made in just about any color or style yarn. This pattern uses chain spacing to achieve this special look and can be made in any size.

The nice thing about the Soft Clusters Ripple Afghan is that the borders and edges are crocheted as you go. This easy to make ripple pattern can be made in a solid color or in any colors you like.

The Fans and Pansies Ripple Blanket is a gorgeous variation of the standard ripple crochet. The pattern looks wonderful in one color, but multiple colors can create an eye-catching effect.