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Grounded ! I thank my boys for who I am ! So many times I leaned on them ! Never ever let me down . They need me as much as I need them ! Life lessons .... Always by my side !

They Said It Best: Famous Mother's Day Quotes

"Change is hard, but we all have things we want and need to change in our lives. The key to change is to just start. Do something, anything, better than you did yesterday. Smoke one less cigarette. Yell one less time at your children. Smile one more time at your spouse. Exercise five more minutes. Eat one less fast food meal. Go to bed ten minutes earlier. Watch one less tv show. Do one more act of kindness. Whatever it is you want to change, just start. You’ll be one step closer..." L.R.Knost

OUR FAVORITE days!!! Or nights on the porch under the umbrella feeling warm rain hit our feet.. Some of our best nights have been out there. Actually our first night in this house started just like that!!