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Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling’s wonderful imagination…

Some of these posts get a bit old but this one is bang on

Rubeus Remus Potter

The meaning of all the deaths in Harry Potter… goal accomplished. TEARS

The meaning of all the deaths in Harry Potter…

Jokes About: Harry Potter|| Mean girls Hermione Granger. I LOVE Harry potter/mean girls crossovers!!!!!!!!

Community Post: Jokes About: Harry Potter

Brilliant! I never knew what Neville forgot either!

Dumbledore knew the truth. That to kill the horcrux alive in Harry, that Harry must himself die and willingly. Dumbledore knew that death would only be temporary. Why do you think he was waiting for Harry on the other side? He couldn't tell Snape that or he might have faltered in his purpose. Dumbledore knew Harry would live.

Now I have to buy everything from this site


So many great things about the Harry Potter Universe. It was my childhood.SHE SHOULD'VE WRITTEN A MAGICAL CHILD THAT WAS THE CHILD OF DUDLEY!!!!

the best ten years of our lives. this actually made me start to cry. HP FOREVER!