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1880s Southern Cheyenne Hightop Women's Mocassins

native american bead embroidery...

cherokee nation symbol | Cherokee NationSong

Kiowa Girl, Indian Portrait by Edward Curtis

1900 Dakota (First Nations) Moccasins at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto - From the curators' comments: "Dakota style moccasins were more comfortable than fully beaded Lakota moccasins. However, in the early 20th century as the Grass Dance evolved into the modern powwow, the Dakota adopted the more highly decorated Lakota dance moccasins."

C. 1890's Northern Plains moccasins with beaded geometric pattern tops

Yankton Dakota (Sioux) two-hide pattern dress with fully beaded yoke.

Dress // Sioux // 1865


A Kiowa woman wears a Ghost Dance Dress

The Native American Code of Ethics 1. Rise with the Sun to pray. Pray alone. Pray often. The Great Spirit will listen, if you only speak. 2. Be tolerant of those who are lost on their path. Ignorance, conceit, anger, jealousy and greed stem from a lost soul. Pray that they will find guidance. 3. Search for yourself, by yourself. Do not allow others to make your path for you. It is your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you. 4. Treat the g

White buffalo is an American Bison that is considered to be sacred signs in several Native American religions, and thus have great spiritual importance in those cultures and is visited for prayer and other religious ceremonies. Buffalo are normally brown in color; white buffalo can result from one of several physical conditions. White buffalo are extremely rare; the National Bison Association has estimated that they only occur in approximately one out of every 10 million births.

Sicangu Lakota (Sioux) girl's dress, ca. 1890, moccasins, ca. 1900, and leggings, ca. 1895. Hide, seedbeads, tin cones, sinew.