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Hung from the ceiling, these friendly paper ghosts will swirl, sway, and spook all night long. 1. Draw a ghost shape on a sheet of white poster board, and cut it out. 2. Cut eyes and a mouth from black construction paper and attach them with glue. 3. To hang the ghost, poke a small hole in the top, thread a string through it, and knot it.

DIY Giant Googly Eyes!! Perfect for Halloween and so EASY to make!! We have the whole street making them!!

DIY Giant Googly Eye Decoration -

MUMMIFIED CHOCOLATE BARS There are chocolate bars disguised as mummies all over the place these days but we really wanted ours to be spooky. Mummies are supposed to be old right? Soak your gauze in a few cups of strong tea for about an hour. Remove the gauze, squeeze the excess tea out and hang to dry. Cut your gauze strips down the middle and pull to fray and stretch it before wrapping your bars.