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Afromania by Nkwo

African Tulip Wrap Dress - Afromania by Nkwo - House of SafiHadi

A work in progress project about the use of textiles in modern society. Photography by Rica Cerbarano, Italy

Summary Mag issue 4 // Photography by Marco Mezzani

Summary Mag issue 4 // Photography by Marco Mezzani

Ewe805 - Superb example of classic style Ewe chief’s cloth in which coloured weft faced blocks alternate along each strip with equal sized warp faced sections containing supplementary weft float motifs. On a few strips here he has repeated the same motif with variations along the length of the strip, such as the row of hands eight strips down.

Welcome to Adire African Textiles Ewe Kente Gallery

Seydou Keita portraits accompanied by African hand block printed paper

My Favourite! Fan Back chair in Dutch African wax cloth . No I Lied I love them all.

love these pieces spotted on African Prints in Fashion of @Lena Hoschek at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin collection titled Hot Mama Africa

African Prints in Fashion

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Love it!

Detail: FR548 - This is the finest example among the small number of these rare cloths we have been able to find over the years, with two soft and subtle shades of indigo dyed hand spun local cotton used, neatly woven and well placed white weft float motifs, and most unusually, a subtle white stripe just visible in the weft. The irregular alignment of these faint stripes across the strips adds a layer of visual dynamism to the more static main design.

Welcome to Adire African Textiles Francophone West Africa Gallery

Detail: fr480 - This unique man's wrapper cloth is woven from hand spun indigo dyed cotton with imported knitting wool used for the weft float motifs. It is the only cloth I know in this style, differing in two ways from those collected in the Bondoukou region - instead of having a narrow white warp stripe at the selvedges of each strip this piece has white then pale blue.

Welcome to Adire African Textiles Francophone West Africa Gallery