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Knitting Patterns & stitches

lv2knit's Brage (aka The Dragon Sweater) WOW!!! @Af's collection

Great knit Cabbages @Af's collection

Узоры спицами с косами @Af's collection

Ribbed Leaf stitch is accomplished using twisted stitches for an intricate appearence. This knitting stitch pattern can be found in the Cables & Twisted Stitches category. @Af's collection

knitting patterns @Af's collection

knitting designs @Af's collection

Knitting Patterns 300 Lace ISBN 4529020718 - Japanese Knitting Books - Needle Arts Book Shop @Af's collection

knitting Patterns @Af's Collection

.modular knitting designs .@af's collection

modular mitered knitting | ... ) Tags: color knitting squares blanket patchwork mitered malabrigo .@af's collection

San Francisco Shirttail .@af's collection

Textile designer Orawee Choedamphai creates amazing modular knitted screens that incorporate cable ties and LEGO bricks. Called "The Fourth-Dimension", these 3D knitted elements can be linked together to form bigger structures. The sculptures could be used as interior solutions to enhance, confine or divide spaces and be combined to make room dividers and wall hangings. .@af's collection

modular knitting....@af's collection

knitting challenge #@Af's Collection knitting patterns

Wedge | Berroco knitting pattern @Af's Collection

knitting pattern @Af's Collection

Knitty Winter '13 | Making garter stitch stripes into plaid

Nennir cowl : Knitty Winter 2012

synthesis - Cari Morton #@Af's Collection knitting patterns

#@Af's Collection knitting patterns

Scarf #@Af's Collection knitting patterns

knitting challenge #@Af's Collection knitting patterns

great textures, from Alison Ellen book. #@Af's Collection knitting patterns

Ein Tuch für Männer - Gern Stricken #@Af's Collection knitting patterns