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Afterlife TV Reports

Afterlife TV host Bob Olson talks one-on-one with you to report the evidence he's discovered about life after death and his conclusions based on that evidence. Learn more at

"I'm so very excited to make this announcement. After more than 15 years investigating life after death, everything I've learned about what happens when we die is now revealed in MY NEW BOOK, Answers About The Afterlife. Finally I'm able to answer those questions that so many of you have about your loved ones in spirit but there just hasn't been enough room in the comments section to explain." Warmly, Bob Olson

Psychic Predictions: The Benefits & Pitfalls Of Future Predictions In Readings. “In 13 years of researching psychics and mediums, I’ve had more questions from people about future predictions than anything else. People are confused and fearful while at the same time fascinated. I created this video to give you insight and clarity so that you’ll understand the benefits and pitfalls of predictions.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV