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For many at this time of the year, giving thanks for food on the table is a time-honored tradition. That’s why we’ve started #FoodThanks—to collectively show appreciation for wholesome food and those who provide it. This Thanksgiving season, we encourage you and your friends to follow this board, and we’ll invite you to pin to it. From favorite recipes and must-try dishes to bountiful harvests from your family’s farmland, pin just how thankful you are for the food we enjoy every day!

Oktoberfest Beef and Beer Stew. (Use 1 can of German lager or your favorite beer for a full depth of flavor.) #smarterbeef

5 skinny splurges- Tanya Zuckerbrot for Fox News Blog

Since yesterday was National Coffee Day, 5 coffee myths debunked -- Tanya Zuckerbrot for @FoxNews Blog

Cathy Walthers is the author of several healthy eating cookbooks, including Raising the Salad Bar. Her latest, Kale, Glorious Kale (those names!) serves as a tribute to the popular farmers market stap

Delicious baked potato recipe with parmesan cheese, smoked paprika garlic and olive oil. Simple to prepare, inexpensive side dish for the family. #FoodThanks

5 ways to becoming a part-time vegetarian--> Tanya Zuckerbrot for Going Part-Time Vegetarian: Vegetarian Recipes and Meals - Shape Magazine

Asian Chicken Salad | Packed with veggies, something the whole family will love!

Meaty "Beast Mode" Baked Beans from OTM-InTheGalley for #10DaysofTailgate

Making Miracles - El Diablo Mango Mustard Glazed Grilled Scallops #10DaysofTailgate #mustardbitesback

Commissioner takes stand against celebrating Texas Independence

Butternut Squash and Spicy Black Beans topped with enchilada sauce and cheese – perfect for meatless Mondays, or any day of the week!

Rick Bayless | Tangy Yucatecan Grilled Pork with Roasted Onions and Fresh Garnishes