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fuckyeahhistorycrushes: This is Inez Millholland, a suffragist from the 1920’s. On top of being super attractive, she literally gave her life for American suffrage. She had a type of anemia, where she suffered from depression, and extreme exhaustion. While she was on a speaking tour of the West, she decided to give a speech, while she was exhausted, and in need of medical attention. Her final public words were “Mr. President, how long must women wait for liberty?” She also lead the first su

Now that I’ve introduced knitting into my life, I notice it shows up all over the place. I see it on tv shows and in movies now. I never noticed it before. I am a huge Marilyn fan, so I just adore this image of her. Looks like she’s making a sweater. I wonder what happened to it. Did it go to some LA second hand store after her death?

Robert Lacombe learned knitting after watching his wife. ‘I got obsessed real fast,’ he says. ‘I was knitting in my sleep.’

This is a cool kid! My friend's 5 year old son had this for homework tonight, and he changed the answer to something more... humane. - Imgur

Sophia Loren knitting.