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Historic Haggadah

Passover has been celebrated by Jewish communities all over the world and throughout history. These Haggadahs reflect the different cultures and beliefs of the people who made them, and show not only the diversity of Jewish cultures but also the influence of Islamic, European, and American art and ideas on the Jewish communities who lived among them.

Sarajevo Haggadah, 14th c. Credit: Rabic Publishers. Originally made in Spain, this Haggadah probably began its journey towards Sarajevo after the expulsion of the Jews in 1492. There is evidence of Jewish communities in Sarajevo beginning in 1565. (

Kaufmann Haggadah, Catalonia, 14th c. Credit: David Kaufmann, Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In this image, three towels are hung over the seder table, and another three towels are hung above the women preparing the meal. More images from the Kaufmann collection are at