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Sustainable Homes

The R-value of straw-bale wall is between R-32 and R-42, two to three times better than the walls of most conventional homes. The bales also provide a highly effective sound barrier.

8 Straw-Bale Building Myths Debunked - Articles
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    I totally want you! (And maybe me!) to build one, but those are really high numbers. Please keep in mind other ways to keep cool and warm. The windows will have r value too, and also in other homes- the wiring gaps.. I mention because I believe passive solar design has great tips on using the direction of wind, shade, sun and the design of homes having closures to the cold entrances and other cooler side rooms or upstairs and downstairs in the winter.

Houseboat to rent Terherne FRIESLAND.

ScheepsHuisje varend vakantiehuis in Friesland

rammed earth home designs | Solartec

Rammed Earth Developments :: Detailed Plans

rammed earth home designs | Rambler

Rammed Earth Developments :: Detailed Plans

The Rauch family home by Boltshauser Architekten in Austria was literally made out of the hill it sits on. Rammed Earth, when prepared correctly, insulates extremely well (better than concrete), maintains a warm, natural appearance, and can last for decades without any maintenance. If you ever had any doubts, just feast on these images and we think you’ll be looking at dirt in a whole new light.

Rammed Earth Homes - Building Construction and Energy Savings

Rammed Earth Homes - Building Construction and Energy Savings

Cob House floorplans: English Earthbag Cottage

English Earthbag Cottage Plan

Go Eco. These clever underground pods are the way forward. A lot of thought goes into these designs, with the lack of natural light hitting back rooms as well as ventilation, architects are adopting new solution such as sun pipes etc. A home fit for a prince or for hobbits only?