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Wooden Toys

Waldorf inspired toys that I would like to make for my children.

Child-Size Ironing Board Tutorial

Frog in a pocket: Storytelling Cubes travel set.

Frog in a pocket: Storytelling Cubes travel set.

how to make wood stilts walking waldorf inspired moms

how to make wood stilts

He used thin wooden door skins cut down to 16 inches by 48 inches, 5 layers, glued and clamped. He suggests cutting so the grain runs the width (rather than curved length) for strength. He reduced the number of clamps needed by screwing a board down, wedging one end up to this, then forcing the curve by wedging the other end up to another screwed down board.

Creative. Light. Less.: the making and the giving



Waldorf Style Playstands with Canopy Tutorial - (This includes some measurements)

Jordan Straker Carving with Dremel tools - YouTube

Beginners Carving Corner and Beyond: 3 Inch Gnome - Tutorial A

plans to build your own waldorf playstands

Beginners Carving Corner and Beyond - great woodcarving site! Includes lots of tutorials